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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my friend / relative come and visit my pet while I am away?
Yes, with prior agreement.
My cat is very nervous. How do you deal with nervous animals?
Trust is key. With nervous animals we work on building that trust with your pet as soon as their holiday begins. When booking, please inform us if your pet is slightly nervous. Upon arrival, a suitable quiet pen will then be provided. You may also find the following suggestions helpful:
  • If your pet has not been left before, why not give them a trial stay? Either one day, overnight or a short weekend. This way, your beloved pets will know where they are, who they’re with and, most importantly, that their owners will be coming back! It will also be good for us to see how your pet behaves in the cattery. We will tell you exactly how your pet dealt with their experience, and we will also give our honest opinion as to whether we feel a cattery is a suitable choice for your pet as it’s not for everyone.
  • Try wearing an old t-shirt or jumper a day or two before your holiday and send it along with your cat. A familiar home scent can really make a difference.
  • Many cats do not eat very well for the first day or two, but once they are more settled in their new environment they regain their appetite. We recognise that each cat is individual, and so we tailor our approach and care to each one according to their specific needs.
  • If your cat suffers extreme nervousness or separation anxiety, why not try an over the counter remedy? Your local vet can discuss with you what is best for your pet. Please keep in mind that it can take up to two weeks for some treatments to take effect.
What injections does my pet need?
Cats need to be covered against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. If your cat has not yet been vaccinated, you will need to get this done as soon as possible. It will take three weeks for your cat to be fully protected. Please remember that we do not mix animals from different households, so the chances of your cat contracting a virus is extremely low.
Can my cat play with other cats?
No. We truly understand that some animals do love the company of others, but we cannot guarantee those others will like your pet. Our mission is to make sure that your cat’s stay is a happy one.
My cat is an indoor cat. Is Chimneys Cattery suitable for him / her?
We have many indoor cats that stay with us who are completely happy. Each purpose built pen is heated to ensure your cat can stay warm and comfortable. There are garden views from some pens for your cat to enjoy.
My cat is an outdoor cat. Is Chimneys Cattery suitable for him / her?
Any cat that enjoys the freedom of being outdoors at home will obviously need to adjust to his / her temporary accommodation. To prevent boredom, always remember to bring lots of toys to stimulate their interest.
I have never used a cattery before and not sure if it will be suitable for my cat.
Many owners have never used a cattery before, often because they have never found one they are happy with. We have lots of first timers – from small kittens to very elderly cats and they usually settle very well with proper care and attention. We also have a high level of returning customers, and get many referrals from a number of vet groups in and around Swindon. We strongly encourage new or prospective customers to view the cattery. This will give them a chance to meet us and discuss their cat’s individual requirements.
Are the cats able to go outside?
No. Cats staying at Chimneys Cattery are not allowed outside the cattery. There are strict regulations for health and safety, prevention of infection and obviously the risk of escape.
My kitten is full of energy and used to running around and playing. I’m worried he / she will get bored in a cattery while I’m away.
Most kittens settle really quickly and we always pay particular attention to them to ensure they have plenty to do. We do encourage you to bring some home comforts.
Do I need to bring my cat's food with me?
If your cat is on a prescription diet or you would just prefer to, then yes. Simply label it with your name. We will only feed your cat with it and any food that is left over, we will give back upon your return. A 50p discount will be applied per full day.
I have two cats who don’t get on well with each other. Can they be separated if required?
Yes. Some families who have two cats prefer to separate them.The partition can be opened at any point so that the two cats can spend time together. We are able to close the partition during meal times or at any given time.
I have three / four cats. Can they all share a unit together?
Yes. We can interconnect pens in both the indoor and outdoor cattery. We also have a large family pen in the outdoor cattery.
What do you feed the cats?
We do encourage owners to provide information regarding their cat’s dislikes and likes. Our core food is Hills biscuits and Felix or Whiskas pouches.
My cat is used to a particular type of cat litter. What litter do you use?
We usually use wood based litter and many cats adapt easily to this. However, some cats have a strong preference and do not like change. If your cat is used to a different type of litter we can accommodate this without any problem.
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Lovely, family-run cattery with a friendly & professional approach. Nothing was too much trouble and I was able to extend my cats' stay when my travel plans changed unexpectedly . . . Great knowing my two cats were happy and safe . . . Highly recommended!

Charlotte P.

I have been using Chimneys Cattery now for at least 10 years. They have looked after my old girl until she passed and helped with the new kitten . . . A lovely family orientated business and very friendly. I would always recommend them.

Katie B.

The best cattery around! Fantastic service. A lovely family-run cattery . . . Would highly recommend.

Joanna L.